Vol 2, #37, September 14, 2010
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NM Incite helps Canadian companies
social media intelligence

Joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey harnesses power of SM

The Nielsen Company (Nielsen) and McKinsey & Company (McKinsey) today announced the Canada launch of NM Incite, a global joint venture between the two companies. The joint venture has been...bulletRead More

Nielsen and McKinsey are helping Canadian companies make social media work for them.
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Google Instant launches amid controversy
"Streaming search"
not so short lived

Google has just announced its “streaming search” service, Google Instant, is coming out of limited Beta testing and going live for all users. According to Adam... bulletRead More
Best Health expands online content
Partners with Vichy for Best Health Challenge
Best Health unveils its newly designed website at besthealthmag.ca, building upon the successes achieved since its introduction almost...bulletRead More
Frustrated by construction? Find answers online
Toronto Hydro lauches poweruptoronto.ca
Today Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited ( Toronto Hydro) launched www.poweruptoronto.ca, a customer-focused website dedicated to providing Torontonians with ongoing information about the utility's capital construction plan. Pockets of Toronto's distribution system are aging rapidly and, as a result, some areas are experiencing a higher number of power outages than average. That is why Toronto Hydro has embarked on its most ambitious...bulletRead More

Cybercrime strikes over two-thirds of all internet users
New study gauges emotional impact
The next time you surf the Internet, consider this: You might be just one click away from becoming the next cybercrime victim. A new study released today from security software maker Norton reveals the staggering prevalence of cybercrime: Two-thirds (65 percent) of Internet users globally have fallen victim to cybercrimes, including computer viruses, online credit card fraud and identity theft. The Norton ...bulletRead More

CMA launches task force to identify best practices
Canadian Marketing Assoc. goes mobile
With mobile marketing a significant growth opportunity for business, the Canadian Marketing Association has struck an industry task force to determine how marketers can best integrate this emerging marketing channel into the overall marketing mix.  An early outcome will be a new tool that will allow marketers to assess if a specific mobile marketing channel makes sense for their product...bulletRead More
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