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September 14, 2010

Best Health expands online content

Website partners with Vichy in support of Best Health Challenge

Best Health unveils its newly designed website at www.besthealthmag.ca, building upon the successes achieved since its introduction almost three years ago as Reader’s Digest Media’s first multiplatform brand launch, and offers visitors a selection of new components in support of the brand’s popular VICHY Best Health Challenge program.

Vichy partnered with Best Health to bring women this exciting challenge because of a shared belief that good health is beautiful. Through this unique and original content, women across Canada are presented with a new, dynamic and interactive online environment to help them live better and feel great.

Complementing the information presented in the pages of the magazine in support of the Vichy Best Health Challenge, www.besthealthmag.ca will highlight the program’s four experts, each of whom will present valuable and insightful information from their respective areas of speciality. One lucky participant—who is revealed in the September issue of Best Health, on newsstands now—will benefit tremendously for the insight and expertise of these experts while on her journey of transformation over the coming months. Best Health is proud to have partnered with each of the following individuals:

  • Get Healthy: Bruce Krahn, Celebrity Fitness Consultant
  • Eat Well: Sue Mah, Nutrition Expert and regular contributor to Best Health
  • Embrace Life: Dr. Susan Biali, Life Coach
  • Look Great: Faouzi Berradia, Beauty and Skincare Specialist for Vichy

“We’re excited to present women with our newly designed and greatly expanded website,” shares Michelle Kellner, Associate Publisher, Best Health. “Our online community will flourish in this new environment. The women participating in our Vichy Best Health Challenge will be inspired each day by the quality of our articles and tips, our interactive activities and the ability to engage one another throughout the program.”

est Health partnered with Vichy in early 2010 to launch the Vichy Best Health Challenge and the response has been overwhelming. “The Challenge enabled us to create a unique setting for women to empower and inspire one another , and we’re thrilled to now be launching the expanded online component of this incredible program,” adds Bonnie Munday, Editor-in-Chief, Best Health. “Plus, the response to our call for participation in the program was tremendous. We’re thrilled to be inspiring women across Canada to live better and feel great.”

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