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September 14, 2010

Canadian Marketing Association goes mobile

CMA launches task force to identify best practices

With mobile marketing a significant growth opportunity for business, the Canadian Marketing Association has struck an industry task force to determine how marketers can best integrate this emerging marketing channel into the overall marketing mix.  An early outcome will be a new tool that will allow marketers to assess if a specific mobile marketing channel makes sense for their product, brand or service and where it fits in the broader marketing plan.
“Mobile marketing holds great promise for business,” noted CMA President and CEO John Gustavson. “Through these efforts in collaboration with other stakeholder groups, such as the Mobile Marketing Association and Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, CMA is working to support the growth of mobile marketing in Canada.”

The CMA task force will also develop best practices for mobile marketing that will be incorporated into the CMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  Regularly updated and modernized to reflect current marketing practices, the CMA Code is recognized by government regulators, privacy advocates, special interest groups and the media as the leading framework for effective marketing self-regulation in Canada.

Chaired by Phil Barrett, Vice-President, Digital & Mobile, BSTREET Communications, the CMA task force includes some of Canada’s leading mobile marketers with expertise in advertising, web, applications, messaging and marketing integration. Members include:

  • Deborah Hall, Managing Partner, Web2Mobile
  • Helen Leach-Edwards, Director, Interactive, American Express
  • Bob Millar, Director, Product Development, Inbox Marketer
  • Brady Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Vortex Mobile
  • Sandra Singer-Tabachneck, Senior Director, Industry Councils and Research, CMA
  • Steve Sorge, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Fringe
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