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September 14, 2010

Frustrated by construction? Find answers online

Toronto Hydro launches www.poweruptoronto.ca to help minimize headaches

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited ( Toronto Hydro) has launched www.poweruptoronto.ca, a customer-focused website dedicated to providing Torontonians with ongoing information about the utility's capital construction plan.

Pockets of Toronto's distribution system are aging rapidly and, as a result, some areas are experiencing a higher number of power outages than average. That is why Toronto Hydro has embarked on its most ambitious capital plan in history. The utility estimates it will spend $275 million on rebuild projects in 2010 alone.

Toronto Hydro's multi-million dollar plan is committed to rebuilding and renewing much of the infrastructure and modernizing the city's grid for the future. Although the work benefits the local economy and the upgrades are intended to keep the lights on, the overall impacts of construction can be frustrating to residents, pedestrians and motorists.

With www.poweruptoronto.ca customers can now go online to learn about projects happening in their neighbourhood as well as search construction projects by city ward or postal code. The site gives Torontonians an opportunity to inquire about work happening around the city and provides customers with project timelines that are updated if a project's completion date changes.

Other website highlights include:

  • a map of the city with a bird's eye view of construction projects in Toronto
  • project-specific maps detailing streets impacted by construction
  • a comprehensive glossary with electrical terms
  • an overview of major initiatives in the city
  • safety tips

The Big Picture

To give customers a better understanding of why this construction is required, Toronto Hydro released the first video in the PowerUp series. Torontonians can watch animated illustrations of key construction initiatives and learn about the utility's plans for a brighter electricity grid. To view the video, visit: www.poweruptoronto.ca/about

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