Vol 2, #32, August 10, 2010
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Females spend more time on line
than their male counterparts

Women account for slightly fewer than half of global internet users but spend more time online than men, according to a new study from comScore

“How Women Are Shaping the Internet” indicates that globally, women represent 46% of internet users age 18 and up. However, this percentage varies by region. For example, women represent 50.4% of North American internet users...bulletRead More

On average, women spend 8% more
time online than men.
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Canadian men lead the charge for online shopping
Dads doing back-to-school shop, survey
This summer, 55 per cent of Canadian online shoppers will look to the internet for their back-to-school shopping preparations, with male respondents indicating ... bulletRead More
Imperial Oil launches improved site
One-stop shopping, easy navigation
Imperial Oil has launched a new and improved Esso station locator at esso.ca that offers a user-friendly experience for customers. The interactive ...bulletRead More
Facebook lets you buy your way up the social ladder
Popularity on sale to the highest bidder
The 'social' may soon be taken out of social media site Facebook as popularity on the site can now be sold to the highest bidder. Social media marketing company uSocial.net (http://usocial.net/) recently began selling fans and friends on Facebook to businesses and organizations wanting to increase their exposure online and they've now announced they are selling up to 20 million fans at a time, meaning...bulletRead More

Social gaming market starting to mature
Explosive growth gives way to moderation
Social gaming revenues, which barely existed in 2008, have seen steep growth. Rising from just $76 million worldwide that year to $639 million in 2009, revenues are expected to climb to $826 million this year, according to Screen Digest. This year’s 29% growth rate will slow to about 24% in 2011, and growth will continue steadily in the double-digits through 2014 as the market...bulletRead More

One-third of Canadians picked internet over sex
Study shows how web has changed our lives
Yahoo! recently commissioned a study about how much the Internet has changed our lives as Canadians. Interestingly, one third of Canadians would give up sex for a year in favour of the Internet. Heather Cabot (Yahoo! Web Life Editor) will be in Toronto on August 11th talking to media about our Internet use. We've all changed the way we: flirt, date, bank, parent, shop, get information, look for jobs, cook...bulletRead More

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