Vol 2, #29, July 20, 2010
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Social networks are the new frontier
for customer acquisition

Smaller companies most successful

While many marketers struggle with how to measure social media marketing return on investment, some businesses are finding at least one hard metric where their efforts have paid off—customer acquisition...bulletRead More

A recent survey shows the effectivenes of social networks for customer acquisition.
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Atlantic Canadians least likely to pay bills online
Survey shows snail mail still preferred
An overwhelming 96% of Atlantic Canadians prefer to receive their bills in the mail, and they are the least likely in Canada to pay bills using online banking... bulletRead More
MealEasy helps users do more than eat better
Online meal planner aims to improve health
Feeling the effects of a crumbling economy and facing the dawn of a new decade, many people are reevaluating their priorities in life. More than...bulletRead More
goExplore Canada answers "Where the heck am I?"
Canada's biggest travel app now available
The producers say goExplore Canada will show you where to go, what to see, where to stay, where to eat and just "where the heck am I?" It's just been released in the Apple app store and will be available in the Android Market around the end of the month. The free app uses detailed maps and includes more than 3,000 Points of Interest in Canada -- searchable by province, territory and city...bulletRead More

Telefilm Canada promotes social media use for films
Web-Cine 360 now available in English
Telefilm Canada has announced that Web-Ciné 360, a pilot initiative that aims to encourage the incorporation of online marketing and use of social media tool in distribution business practices for Canadian films well ahead of their release, will henceforth be offered to the English-language market, for the next two years. The Telefilm Canada initiative has been offered to the French-language...bulletRead More

Sympatico.ca app connects 65,000 soccer fans
FIFA fan connector a huge success
Released in early June, prior to the opening game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Soccer Fans Application developed by Sympatico.ca was an instant success.  With 32,000 downloads in the first week alone, and a total reach of 65,000 downloads during the course of the games, the ability to engage, unite and connect soccer fans was clearly displayed by the Sympatico.ca development team...bulletRead More

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