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July 20 , 2010

MealEasy helps users do more than eat better

Online meal planner aims to improve health

Feeling the effects of a crumbling economy and facing the dawn of a new decade, many people are reevaluating their priorities in life. More than financial or material goals, caring for family has moved to the top of the list. Such is the mission of an innovative new meal planning software developed by Noviden Technologies, Inc. According to the Canadian software development firm, the company’s MealEasy online meal planner focuses on more than just easy healthy meals; the software’s real goal is to improve a family’s quality of life.

MealEasy focuses on the important question of “What’s on your plate?” Not just the name of your dish, but what it is made of, how it was prepared, and perhaps most importantly, what did it really cost? It’s that last question that Noviden Technologies, Inc. founder and CEO George Borovan says drives him to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

"Cost isn’t just measured in your grocery bill or your restaurant tab,” says Borovan. “It’s measured in the damaging health effects of the fast food or restaurant food that are such a big part of our culture. The ‘real’ cost of our food is one of the biggest health risks we face today.”

Certainly, MealEasy’s innovative software gives users the flexibility and control to design their own healthy meal plans. Customers input their portion, cuisine style, and health or allergy preferences and the intuitive program gives them a grocery list and photographed step by step preparation instructions to save them time and money. Recent Noviden studies say customers have saved up to 600% off of their food budgets, depending on their former, unhealthy eating habits.

“These old habits are the ones that we have to break because the food we eat directly affects our health, and to a large degree, it’s one of the major factors that determine our quality of life,” says Borovan. “This unhealthy lifestyle of fast food and restaurant excess is inevitably passed on to future generations, which means the wrong choices now could have far-reaching effects in the future. Yes, MealEasy helps people eat much healthier, save money, and spend more time with their families, but its far-reaching benefits are immeasurable.”

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