Vol 1, #1, March 17, 2009
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“Walled gardens” threaten future
of mobile services, CRTC hears

Canada's top wireless carriers accused of playing favourites with content
Allowing mobile carriers to influence content is bad policy and hinders the development of mobile services, according to Paul Temple, senior vice-president, regulatory and strategic affairs at Pelmorex Media.

In their presentation to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, Pelmorex, who owns The Weather Network and Meteo Media, raised concerns about how wireless carriers can potentially control mobile content. bulletRead More
Are Canadian wireless carriers playing fair?
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Mobile advertising revenue grew to $5.2 million in 2008 IAB says
Brand new survey
tracks mobile ads

On February 24 the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada released the results of the first-ever Canadian Mobile Advertising Revenue Survey. It showed that mobile advertising revenue in Canada grew from $1.1 million bulletRead More
In Canada, content is king when it comes to attracting traffic
Top 15 most-visited websites revealed
Canadian sites that publish original news and articles enjoy the highest traffic according to the first index designed to look at visitor traffic for Canadian-owned websites.
bulletRead More
CRTC hears case against internet
levy designed to fund new media

Canadians say "no" to levy in national poll
According to two of Canada’s largest telecom companies, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission’s proposed levy on Internet service providers to fund Canadian new media content is an illegal idea. At last week’s CRTC public hearings on new media regulations, Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. called the levy “unlawful” and both companies have filed legal opinions with the CRTC that question the legality of the proposal. bulletRead More
Test your investment IQ at Globe & Mail's upgraded website
Investors get a sneak peak at new features

The Globe and Mail has raised the bar for online investing with their redesigned The site won’t officially launch until next month but visitors can preview some of the new features and test their own level of investment knowledge with the new Investor iQ Quiz on the site. The redesigned site will offer a complete one-stop resource for investors and include tools for tracking investment. New upgrades include a redesigned tool set, simplified navigation, faster access to ...
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bulletPlatform-A comes to Canada
bulletToronto Board of Trade goes digital withOnestop
bulletBOMA Toronto's CDM new site goes live
bulletTwitter teams up with Bell Canada
bulletRedWolfe Online launches MeetingMade
bulletNew careers emerging in digital publishing industry
bulletEndpoint security offering from IBM

bulletNew product offering from Jive
bulletUpgraded mobile website for MySpace
bulletYahoo! offers new tools to match users, ads
bulletGoogle to target ads based on surfing habits

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