Vol 2, #44, November 2, 2010
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Modern moms spend an average
of a whole day a week online

Research demonstrates technology makes moms' jobs easier

Results rom Disney Online's M.O.M. – Mom on a Mission research study are in, and they illustrate how today's moms are utilizing technology and the internet to make being a mom easier. "We are committed...bulletRead More

Moms go online to find information and stay connected to friends and family.
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Canadian gamers becoming increasingly social
39% playing more social games
The Entertainment Software Association of Canada  (ESAC) has released its annual Essential Facts, a snapshot of the Canadian... bulletRead More

Canada Post introduces new shopping website
One-stop gateway to online retailers
Canada Post has introduced Canada Post Comparison Shopper, a one-stop shopping website that helps Canadians instantly...bulletRead More

Online retailers predict strong holiday sales
Special promotions set to begin this week
The holiday season may be merry and bright for online retailers, according to results of Shop.org’s eHoliday Study conducted by BIGresearch. Nearly two-thirds of retailers (63.8%) expect their company’s online sales to grow by fifteen percent or more compared to last holiday season, up from less than half of retailers (45.8%) who had those expectations last year. “Retailers continue...bulletRead More

Online shoppers start with search engines
Consult local, print and online sources later
According to the second wave of DAC Group’s North American Search Landscape study, 33% of Canadians use search engines first when looking for business information during the course of making a purchase. After that, they move onto a variety of local, print and online sources. Mobile and social media are not yet primary sources of media when consumers are looking for...bulletRead More

Telecom service complaints on the rise in 2009/2010
Customer contact with CCTS rises 150%
Canada's Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) reports another year of increased consumer complaints about telecommunications services.
"As evidenced in our third annual report, customer contact with CCTS has increased 150% from the previous year," said Commissioner Howard Maker.  "The public awareness activities in which we...bulletRead More

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