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November 2, 2010

Modern moms spend an average
of 24 hours a week online

Research demonstrates technology makes moms' jobs easier

Results rom Disney Online's M.O.M. – Mom on a Mission research study are in, and they illustrate how today's moms are utilizing technology and the internet to make being a mom easier.

"We are committed to be experts on the marketplaces we serve, and to share our knowledge with clients and the industry at large," said Paul Yanover, EVP of Disney Online. "Moms inspire us in how they can juggle so many roles, from being the caregiver and household CEO, to coordinating all the family's activities," added Yanover.  "Our study results showed that technology and the Internet are helping to make moms' lives more manageable, so they can spend more quality time with their families."

Technology makes being a mom easier

When asked about how they use technology, Moms said that the different devices they use make being a Mom easier.  The devices help them get more done, manage their life and their family's lives more effectively, and stay better connected with family and friends.

According to the study, Moms use the following technology and devices:

  • Computer (89%)
  • Internet (87%)
  • Mobile Device (84%)
  • Television (80%)
  • Digital Camera (77%)
  • CD/DVD Player (75%)
  • Social Networks (55%)

Moms said they also use technology to create more opportunities for family bonding activities such as playing games on the Nintendo Wii and watching movies on their DVD and Blu-ray player.

Moms start their day with coffee and the internet

Moms spend the most time on the internet between the hours of 5am and noon, so they can get a lot done! They use the internet to connect with others, find information, plan activities and for entertainment.  They check email, visit their favorite sites, manage tasks and read the news.  With all that moms have on their plate, they are very task oriented while online. Three out of four Moms go online with a specific activity or goal in mind

Moms spend an average of 6.9 hours a week online connecting with family and friends: 84% stay connected through email and 69% through social networks

Moms turn to the internet first for information

For subjects other than their child's health, moms turn to the internet as their primary source of information:

  • 71%  go online to find deals or discounts
  • 71%  to find recipes
  • 62%  for family activities, entertainment and travel
  • 59%  for personal health questions
  • 56%  to find arts/crafts projects
  • 54%  for holiday planning and activities
  • 50%  to find dieting information
  • 49%  for beauty/style
  • 46%  to seek answers for financial questions
  • 42%  for parenting advice
  • 41%  to answer questions on baby/pregnancy

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