Vol 2, #26, June 29, 2010
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New research reveals Canadians are reaching for their digital wallets

More than one-third of consumers are using cash, cheques less frequently

Canadians are finding themselves frustrated with cash and cheques and are opting to reach for their digital wallet instead, according to a new research study on the future of money. When it comes to paying and getting paid, cash is no longer king...bulletRead More

More Canadians are choosing digital over cash according to a new study.
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Social media to transform world of work, Manpower
Launches new suite of online tools
Social media networks are evolving into “commercial networks” for businesses and individuals and will transform the world of work as ... bulletRead More
Budweiser brews a winner with new sports bar app
Launches BarFinder with ScoreMobile
We know you're busy. We know you're on the go. We know you love sports and we know you love hanging out with your friends. Enter Bar Finder for Score ...bulletRead More
The race for a digital advantage heats up
Industry juggling growth with cost savings
Succeeding in Canada's media and entertainment industry requires a delicate balance between investing in digital growth and managing traditional costs, according to a new Ernst & Young survey. "As consumers continue to shift their media consumption to digital offerings, the greatest challenge is finding a way to make money in a digital world, and determining how to price ...bulletRead More

McAfee offering protection for mobile devises
Keeping your children safe on-the-go
McAfee, Inc., the world's largest dedicated security company, has announced McAfee Family Protection iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Edition. McAfee now provides strong parental controls to keep children safe when they are browsing the Internet on an Apple mobile device. McAfee released McAfee Family Protection for the PC in June 2009.According to data ...bulletRead More

HST searches peak in first weeks of June, Hitwise
Top searches focused on refunds, rebates
The Ontario government surprised many of us a couple of weeks back with a cheque. Before many had seen news coverage of the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) rebate, the funds had already made their way into bank accounts across the province. Hitwise data reveals that searches including the word "HST" peaked in the week ending June 12th, 2010, the week many Ontarians received...bulletRead More

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