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September 7, 2010

"Tweep in Profile" podcasts launched by Donovan Group

Podcast series premiers this month

Donovan Group Inc. (DGI), a multimedia communications company, announced the launch of its "Tweep in Profile" podcast featuring members of the Twitter Community.   This month, DGI is profiling Parker Mason - @parkernow - the self-described Editor-in-Chief of BlogCampaigning who "runs the site with an iron fist".   As his bio boasts "he's also a pretty great guy - you should meet him sometime".

"Over the past two years I have been highlighting members of the Twitter community whom I follow and feel are playing a major role in its impact as a social networking tool and Parker is a perfect example of this fact," says Andy Donovan, president, Donovan Group Inc.

The podcast is an enhancement to DGI's existing "Tweep in Profile" feature in its monthly newsletter and is hosted by Donna Papacosta.

"Since Twitter is about engagement and relationship building, I think it's appropriate to not only enhance the "Tweep in Profile" feature by adding an audio podcast to the mix but also utilize the podcast services of a former TIP and member of Twitter - Donna Papacosta", adds Donovan.  

Tweep in Profile: The "Tweep in Profile" is a 5 to 7 minute interview with a member of the Twitter community, which allows them to expand upon who they are, what they do and how they are utilizing Social Media both personally and professionally.

Donovan Group Inc. is a multimedia communications company providing strategic advice and project coordination for our clients within the public, private and charitable sectors.  For more information on the "Tweep in Profile" as well as DGI, please visit www.donovangroup.ca/TweepinProfile.  

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