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September 21, 2010

ClearlyContacts.ca says SM inspired new product

Introduces new lenses due to online feedback

ClearlyContacts.ca, largest online retailer in Canada , has just introduced a new line of Transitions progressive lenses for customers who want to have a pair of eyeglasses for reading, long-distance and everything in between, in all light conditions.  Photochromic, transitional lenses adjust from dark to light based on lighting conditions, and were previously available for single vision eyeglasses only.

How does Clearly Contacts know that their customers want this specific lens option?  Because customers have been telling them what they want through the Company's Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Clearly Contacts was conceived with the vision to help consumers find a better way to buy vision care products.  We took what we knew from surveys and phone calls, and implemented what our customer wanted." explains ClearlyContacts.ca Founder and CEO Roger Hardy.

"Now with social media, feedback comes at an incredible pace and quantity giving us insights on when we are on the right track, or if there is something we can do to improve our service for each individual customer."

ClearlyContacts.ca Facebook page has been a forum for customers for over two years, attracting nearly 8,500 fans (and growing) across Canada, maintaining a constant stream of conversation.

"The conversations that go on within our Facebook page contain extremely valuable information, happening in real time, in reaction to our products and services.  We are able to listen to our customers needs and then start a process of action to meet those needs.  In a business sense, this is a goldmine of feedback."

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