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November 9, 2010

Mygazines' new Geo Targeted Campaigns

Service enables tailored versioning by region

Digital Publishing leader Mygazines has announced the launch of Geo Targeted Campaigns, the first service for distributing tailored versions of a publication by region. With this feature, location-based versions of digital editions can now be delivered to more than 200 countries, thousands of specific cities and each of the five continents.

With geo-targeting, users receive a dedicated URL and a targeted version of the publication loads according to their geographical area. For example, someone in   San Francisco  will see a different publication than someone in New York, all using the same link.

"For publishers, marketers and advertisers, this feature represents new revenue opportunities and the ability to tailor content to key audiences by geographic region," said Randy Frisch, Chief Marketing Officer, Mygazines. "For example, if a publisher distributes its content through five countries, local advertisers would be able to buy and display content in the areas that they are interested in. In this case, readers will get the same editorial content but would interact with different ads. At the same time, there is also flexibility to tailor the content for every region."

"Whether you're a small or large company, our Packs are designed to provide the flexibility to upload as much content as you need on a monthly basis at a cost that is attractive," said Frisch. "On a per document basis we charge as little as   $16  and no more than   $66, with no long term contracts. We don't charge per page uploaded and we don't expect you to guesstimate your needs beyond the next 30 days. After all, who forecasts their content creation in that way?"

Geo Targeting is one of Mygazines' numerous product launches this year. The Canadian-based company recently launched an auto links detection feature and branded URLs for distribution.

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