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November 30, 2010

Mobile coupon app now available to over 5M users

Clip Mobile compatible with all major platforms

Every year in Canada, 3.6 billion pieces of direct mail are sent to consumers but only 3% are redeemed, according to the Coupon Industry Association Canada. Clip Mobile wants to change how consumers find and redeem deals by putting them on your phone.
Clip Mobile is a free app that uses the GPS in smartphones to allow consumers to search, save and redeem deals from local businesses and national retailers directly from your Apple, Android and Blackberry device. "Now that we're on all three of the major platforms including Blackberry, our apps can be downloaded by the over five million Canadians who use their phone to do more than talk, text or email." says David Offierski, Founder of Clip Mobile.

Since launching in January of 2010, Clip has served over 40,000 coupon impressions for over 200 merchant partners with offers at over 400 locations across Canada. Brands such as Nike, Second Cup, Bouclair, Roots, Sports Experts and Whole Foods have all used Clip to engage with consumers. Quiznos and Domino's Pizza are currently piloting mobile coupon campaigns at Toronto locations and there are a number of new campaigns planned for 2011.

Exploding smartphone adoption in Canada and a competitive retail market are just a few of the reasons why Clip is becoming an increasingly popular tool for retailers and consumers alike. "In the case of the iPhone, there are over 250,000 apps. Mobile has in a short period, become a very commoditized space and even brand name apps are finding it hard to stand out and create ongoing engagement with customers," says Offierski. "That is why we created Clip. An app that serves up high value, localized (or location based) content is a low-cost and low risk way to attract and engage consumers with your brand. Clip is a marketing solution suitable for small business owners with one or two locations, but we're also finding that our offering works well for bigger brands, local publishers and national merchants as they seek to engage a new generation of mobilized consumers."

Clip now has a year of growing under its belt and almost 10,000 users, some of whom check the app every day for new deals. Looking to the future, Offierski says, "We know that the smartphone is increasingly going be the place where eyeballs are going to migrate, especially in terms of consumer behaviour, so Clip is focusing on this evolution. Lots of other people are now waking up to this and there is a growing amount of hype around the local mobile deals space. In this game content and user experience are king so we'll just stay focused on improving those aspects of Clip. Everything else is just noise." 

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