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November 23, 2010

Canada.com terminates email service

Will discontinue accounts December 8

Canada.com has announced that it is terminating its email service effective December 8, 2010. This news was shared via email and on the website, with the following message:

"This decision will not impact otherwise the operation of canada.com. Rather, we will be able to sharpen our focus on what we do best - delivering news, entertainment and lifestyle content to engage and enlighten Canadians.

"We do, however, recognize the potential inconvenience of this decision. With that in mind, we draw your attention to the links provided at the bottom of this letter. Should you decide to transfer your @canada.com account to Google's Gmail service, there is an automated step-by-step process for just that purpose. If you do not wish to transfer your @canada.com email account to Gmail, you can choose the provider of your choice.

"Regardless of whether you choose Gmail or any other email provider, please be advised that on Dec.8 the service will end and you will be unable to log into your @canada.com email account and all contents thereof will be irretrievably deleted."

Canada.com has added an FAQ's page, as well as step-by-step intructions detailing how users can switch their account to a new email service provider.

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