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November 16, 2010

New tool measures mobile marketing for QC companies

People from Cossette unveils Mobindex

Cossette has launched Mobindex, a new tool to measure mobile marketing for Quebec companies. Always accessible on the web Mobindex will publish a study every quarter that gives a portrait of consumers’ behaviours and interests with regard to mobile marketing.

“For the first time in the province, companies will have access to local mobile marketing data,” affirms Malik Yacoubi, Vice-President of Mobile Marketing at Cossette. “We created Mobindex to supply the industry with a true portrait of our reality here in Quebec, and also to respond to the concerns of companies still wondering about the relevance of investing in mobile marketing,” he added.

The quarterly reports published on Mobindex will include two sections. The first will give the overall state of mobility by presenting usage statistics for different age groups or salary groups. Questions such as “What are consumers using their mobile phones for?” or “Is mobile advertising effective in Quebec?” will be answered in this first section.

In the second, Mobindex will take a look at mobility in a distinct business sector. As part of the first report, Mobindex analyses mobility in retail business, a sector very concerned with mobile marketing, especially during the run-up to the holiday period.

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