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July 6 , 2010

Labatt puts social media in the driver's seat

Launches new moderation campaign

Labatt announced the launch of its new responsible drinking campaign on Facebook and a dedicated YouTube branded channel. The innovative campaign uses seasonal contests to encourage discussion around responsible consumption across Canada.

“We know that young adults in English- and French-speaking Canada rely on Facebook and YouTube to connect with one another and share their experiences,” says Catherine Pringle, manager, corporate affairs, Labatt Breweries of Canada. “To get young adults thinking and talking about responsible drinking, Labatt is asking them to share specific, relevant experiences, which will allow them to enter the four seasonal contests for a chance to win some incredible prizes.”

Each of the four seasonal contests asks consumers to answer one simple question. In July, Labatt wants a cool tip for a safe party in the heat of the summer. Later on, as young adults head back to school, Labatt asks them to tell their best story about being a designated driver. In October, young adults share the advice they’ve given a friend who’s had too much to drink on Halloween.

Finally, before the December holiday party season kicks off, young adults put the spotlight on their designated driving heroes to enter the fourth and final random draw.

Every consumer story submitted will be posted on Facebook, where participants are encouraged to rate and comment on them. The four grand prize winners will be drawn randomly. The grand prize winner of each contest can select one of four grand prizes (each worth about $1,000 at retail). Prizes include: an Apple iPad prize pack, a bike, Cineplex movie passes or a private chauffeur.

Introducing the Crash Bobbles

Labatt’s new campaign is anchored in an original web series starring the Crash Bobbles characters, which are modeled on dashboard bobbleheads.

“This campaign is an extension of Labatt’s well-recognized Know When to Draw the Line message, using the new media that’s most relevant to young adults,” said Pringle.

While the contests showcase positive responsible-drinking experiences, the Crash Bobbles webisodes feature the wisdom the characters have learned the hard way—through surviving car accidents.

Five English- and French-language webisodes will be released to coincide with the Canada Day long weekend, followed up with new Bobbles adventures for back-to-school, Halloween and the December holiday season.

Consumers will be able to share their favourite YouTube webisodes with friends and link to the Facebook page. The Facebook page will also link back to the YouTube page.

“The entertainment factor of the Crash Bobbles combined with relevant prizing gets young adults to interact and engage,” says Brian Howlett, Chief

Creative Officer, Agency59, Toronto, which brought the characters to life. “It’s their choice to visit the YouTube brand channel, watch the webisodes, share them with friends, hook up with the Crash Bobbles on Facebook and enter the contests.”

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