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July 6 , 2010

Track time, expenses on the go with DOVICO

Timesheet Mobile breaks desktop tether

DOVICO Software, a long established developer of time management software, announces the release of DOVICO Timesheet Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application permits users to track time and expenses without being tethered to their desktop web application.

“The sheer number of off-site workers and consultants causes headaches for those responsible for accumulating time for billing, payroll, and so on…”, says Bob Gorham, Product Manager at DOVICO. “Early signs indicate that these workers are enjoying the added flexibility of being able to track their time while on-the-go and their companies are willing to pay the little extra for this convenience.”

Built in partnership with Centric Consulting LLC, the DOVICO Timesheet Mobile companion application is available for free from the Apple App Store.

The ability to enter and submit time and expenses, to run reports, and the fact that everything is always synchronized to the host database are just a few of the reasons why companies such as AnyWare Group, a Saint John NB company and client of DOVICO,  are rolling out the mobile application to its employees.

“The fact is that for some lucky employees, the mobile app is the only tool they’ll need”, says Gorham. 

Prior to using DOVICO for time management, we (AnyWare Group) had developed our own internal system to perform this task. Although the system met the requirements of several years back, it was lacking the functionality that we require moving forward. The internal system also required a certain amount of maintenance, and migrating it to a newer platform was going to be a fairly large effort. We made the decision to look at alternatives in order to meet our growing needs. We evaluated several products from different companies and DOVICO provided us with the product that meets our current needs and will meet our future needs as we know them now.

Some of the key items that helped us choose DOVICO were:

  • Ease of use for the end users
  • Ease of use of administration tools (creating projects, adding users, etc.)
  • Complete turnkey solution without any upfront investment
  • Easy access to support and account management
  • Reporting capabilities

One of the newest features that has been made available to us is the ability to use iPhones to enter time. Time entry has always been a challenge for companies to get their employees to comply with. If systems are too complex or provide too many options, then the data entered may not be as accurate as it should. Although we have just started using the iPhones for time entry, we are seeing that user experiences are very good. In the environments we operate, where one minute you may be working on one thing and the next minute on another, it's crucial that employees have the tools that allow them to track their time easily and accurately. The use of the iPhone has certainly allowed us to do just that.

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