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July 27 , 2010

Websites given new sense of mobility

New tool makes websites mobile-friendly

IMP Canada is an online marketing and communications company that is always searching for ways to take their clients further. In addition to providing businesses with website design, search engine optimization campaigns and social media management – IMP Canada will now be offering clients a new tool which allows websites to be mobile-friendly.

Philipp Beckermann, Founder and President of IMP Canada (http://www.impcanada.com) says that making websites mobile is a natural; next step in giving clients more. “Everyone is slowly but surely getting acquainted with mobile searching,” says Beckermann. Over 45% of worldwide online traffic comes from smartphones and mobile devices.

Today, over 40 Million people are currently using an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch for online purposes. “Having an iPad is great when you’re on the road or in a meeting, “says Beckermann.  Websites can lose clarity and functionality if they are not designed for mobile phones. An iPad user himself, Beckermann is familiar with the frustration users can have when searching online through a mobile device. “I hate it when I can’t read a website because it’s too small, or can’t see it because it has Flash.  IMP Canada’s new feature will allow websites to remain clear and functional for any user on an iPad, iPhone, smartphone or Android phone.

A website that offers mobile flexibility can give businesses an online advantage. Many website components like Flash may not be supported by some mobile devices, making them inadequate. The more ways a website can be seen, the more beneficial it is. Viewing a website through a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a touch-screen device increases customer reach and interaction. “We like that people can see our sites no matter where they are. There’s a real value in that,” says Beckermann.
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