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July 27 , 2010

Giving back through online advertising

Ad program with a million dollar twist

Advertising and web presence have always been a challenge for online entrepreneurs and traditional forms of advertising are costly and in many cases prove ineffective in delivering the required traffic to sustain a newly developed online business or service on a limited budget.

"We have created the million dollar treasure hunt with one thing in mind, an endless supply of  quality traffic generated for our sponsors at an affordable price. Traffic from all areas of the Globe and from all demographics. Traffic that doesn't click on your home page, stay there for 10 seconds and then move on, but actually views every page on your website and has the chance to take in all that your site has to offer,’’ says the creator of the million dollar treasure hunt. How will he achieve this? By giving back to the websites visitors...In the form of One Million Dollars Cash.

So exactly how can the million dollar treasure hunt benefit online business owners?
Kyle has created what is referred to as the million dollar treasure map. This map consists of 10x10 pixel blocks which will be sold to sponsors of the million dollar treasure hunt. Sponsors may purchase as many of these 100sq. Pixel blocks as they wish. Once 10% of the treasure map has been sold to sponsor’s, the million dollar treasure hunt creator will bury  $100,000 of advertising revenue somewhere within one of the million dollar treasure hunt sponsor’s websites. The internet community will be invited and encouraged to search for the buried treasure within sponsor’s websites, locate it & claim it as their own. Once 20% of the treasure map has been sold, Kyle will again bury another $100,000 treasure. At 30% another $100,000 dollar treasure, at 40% another and so on until the entire treasure map has been sold & the million dollar treasure hunt creator has buried a total of $1,000,000 for the internet community to locate and claim as their own.

If you have a website worth stopping by on a regular basis than the million dollar treasure hunt is second to none when it comes to promoting your website to visitors from all areas of the globe and from all demographics. It’s a brilliant way to extend the reach of your products and services.

The Million Dollar Treasure Hunt can be viewed here: http://www.milliondollartreasurehunt.com

Lets face it pixel ads are fun, you never quite know what you are gonna get when you click on an advertisers image, add  the thrill and excitement of  $1,000,000 in hidden cash prizes and you have a sure fire way for online companies to showcase their services and products to countless online customers around the world 24-7.A limited amount of ad spaces available on the treasure map ensures that million dollar treasure hunt sponsor’s receive heavy loads of traffic and a great return on their investment.

Million dollar treasure hunt creator Kyle Daley has this to say about his advertising campaign;

‘’Look at it this way, if I told you I have hidden $100,000 in a warehouse we were standing in and if you can search it out, it’s yours, would you not tear that warehouse apart trying to locate the cash? Its the exact same scenario with the million dollar treasure hunt, if there is 10 prizes of $100,000 buried somewhere within the confined areas of our treasure map the internet population will tear that map apart trying to search for the hidden cash prizes.
That means big traffic on a regular basis for million dollar treasure hunt sponsors’’.

Giving back to your customers is a sure fire way to generate traffic, Kyle sees this, has capitalized on its potential & has been recieving a lot of positive feed back from the internet community.

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