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July 27 , 2010

BudPhone keeps Canadians connected to home from anywhere in the world

New application turns any Mac or PC into a free phone line

Yesterday Budweiser, Canada’s number one selling beer, launched Bud Phone, a new online application that will allow Canadian fans to stay connected with home no matter where they happen to be traveling in the world.

Fans can connect to this technology provided by Freephoneonline.ca, which turns any Mac or PC into a free phone line through the Budweiser Canada facebook page. When Budweiser fans connect to Bud Phone, they will each get their own Canadian phone number and will be able to call anywhere locally for free, as well as most cities in Canada.

“The Bud Phone application is incredibly relevant for Budweiser drinkers and for our brand,” said Christine Hamilton, Associate Brand Manager, Budweiser Canada. “It allows people to stay in touch wherever they are on the world, while taking into account their limited budgets. Bud Phone is extremely significant for young adults who are away at university, home for the summer or travelling the world.”

Bud Phone also provides users with a number of practical features including: find me follow me, which allows a consumer to enter in numbers where they can be reached if they are not currently using their Bud Phone desktop application. A user can enter up to three alternative numbers at one time, their cell phone number, friend’s phone, or parents’ phone number.  The next time someone calls their Bud Phone number, the system will automatically call all three numbers at once. If the user doesn’t wish to answer the call, the caller will be routed to the Bud Phone enhanced voice mail service.  Whereby the Bud Phone customer can have their voice mails sent to any private email they wish including having the voicemail sent to their smart phone as an audio file.

“People are increasingly mobile and are always looking for new and improved ways to communicate while on the go,” said John Stix, Chief Marketing Officer, freephoneonline.ca. “Bud Phone does just that by allowing Canadian users to take their new free phone line service with them wherever they are in the world.”

Download Bud Phone at www.facebook.com/budweisercanada

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