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July 13 , 2010

Nokia Canada takes bloggers on the road

File updates using new N97 mini smartphone

Starting July 2, Nokia Canada is taking Canadian bloggers on a tour of the country’s largest cities via minibus and  the newly launched Nokia N97 mini smartphone.  Along their trip, minibus passengers will keep consumers up-to-date on their activities using their N97 minis,  uploading images, videos and posts to a dedicated Facebook page.

En route, the minibus bloggers will participate in a host of challenges including a Rihanna treasure hunt and concert ticket giveaway in Vancouver, a geo-caching challenge in Calgary, a Just for Laughs ticket giveaway for the funniest joke submitted via Facebook in Montreal, and full coverage of Toronto’s Frugal Fashion week using the Nokia N97 mini.

Lead agency 1000heads, the word of mouth specialists, are mobilizing the crew of on and offline opinion leaders to take part.  The agency will host ‘Geek Meet Ups’ in Vancouver and Montreal where tech lovers can meet to discuss the latest news in the technology industry, and will be uploading daily webisodes of the minibus’ travels to the Facebook page. 

Wunderman is handling direct marketing for the N97 minibus campaign.  Advertising initiatives will take place via social media with a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Ketchum Public Relations is handling PR for the campaign.

For the latest pictures, videos and updates from the tour, visit www.facebook.com/nokiacanada.

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