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January 4, 2011

WIND Mobile debuts Real Value Mobile Advertising

Partners with MyScreen to offer opt-in advertising

WIND Mobile customers will have the ability to do something no other wireless users in   Canada  can do: earn rewards, discounts and even products by opting in to check out mobile ads. 

WIND Mobile has announced their partnership with MyScreen Mobile Inc. (MyScreen), which will give WIND Mobile customers the unique opportunity to receive rewards and discounts by opting into WIND Mobile's new mobile advertising launched today in a pilot mode and will be progressively extended to all users during the course of Q1 2011.

"WIND Mobile is happy to be partnering with MyScreen to provide our customers with an incredible new way to add even more value to their wireless services," said   Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND Mobile. "We truly are creating an entirely new user experience that is another example of WIND's efforts to bring innovation to wireless in   Canada."

WIND Mobile customers who opt in will accumulate rewards for every ad they view on their phone, which can then be redeemed for various offers, products and services. MyScreen's technology differs from the other mobile advertising vehicles in the following ways:

  • Full-screen, visually engaging graphics that convey the advertisers' brand image
  • Delivered in a non-shared advertising environment that delivers brand exclusivity. MyScreen ads are deployed at the end of every call and offer better visibility than SMS texts or banner ads
  • Designed to enable consumers to respond directly to the ads with MyScreen's proprietary "ad value hot keys" functionality. MyScreen ads have generated click thru rates (CTR's) that exceeded 20 percent
  • Individually targeted to match each subscriber's self-created profile, making the ads highly relevant to their unique interests and lifestyles
  • Incentive-based, with subscribers accumulating reward points for every ad they view on their phones

Moreover, MyScreen's mobile advertising solution is designed to integrate seamlessly without interrupting users' regular call behaviors. Subscribers choose the type of content and ads they receive from categories such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle and health. Advertisers can use MyScreen's unique "ad value hot keys" to raise brand awareness, launch products and services, promote special offers, generate traffic to retail locations, improve customer loyalty and drive sales.

"MyScreen's patent pending mobile advertising solution is a totally unique media opportunity for advertisers who will be able to deliver targeted ads in a method that has true value to the consumer," said Mike O'Connor, CEO, MyScreen. Advertisers will be able to deliver targeted full-screen ads to subscribers at the end of every call, based on their demographic and interest profile and the brand advertiser's relevance to a specific interest.

Major brands are taking advantage of the new mobile advertising services, such as Blockbuster, Yogen Fruz and RIM among others.

"We understand the unique value of advertising on a device that is individual, interactive and so often used out-of-home," said Aaron Serruya, President and CEO of Yogen Fruz Inc. "We are excited to be part of this new service launch especially because MyScreen full-screen and increased resolution media is consistent with Yogen Fruz "Better For You" brand value.

The product will be available to all WIND Mobile subscribers that opt-in to the service and they will have varying capabilities to profile what type of ads they would want to see.  This is a first step in developing revolutionary products and ideas to continue enhancing the offering of WIND mobile to its current and future subscribers.

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