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January 4, 2011

CTV still Canada's top online video network

Streams twice as much as closest competitor

By maintaining its stronghold as Canada's #1 provider of on-demand video online for the third year in a row, the CTV family of properties marks another milestone in the evolution of online video in 2010. Since 2008, CTV's online properties have been the #1 Canadian-owned online video network. This past year, CTV properties have streamed more than 500 million videos - an average of 53.8-million video streams each month and a 46% increase over 2009 - setting a new benchmark for the company.

Each month in 2010 CTV websites on average:

  • Stream 53.8-million videos.
  • Welcome 8.6-million unique visitors.
  • Serve up 2.3 million hours of video.
  • Deliver 389-million page views, a grand total of 4.3-billion page views for the year.

February marked a record high for video views during the   Vancouver  2010 Olympic Winter Games. There were more than 251 million page views for  CTVOlympics.ca  and  RDSolympiques.ca, nearly four times the amount achieved for   Beijing  2008.  In addition, there were 28.5 million videos streamed online with an additional 6 million on YouTube, 7.2 million hours of live and on-demand video consumed online, and 1.5 million live chat readers.

"Our strategy is to give our audience more -- more choice, more premium content, and more opportunities to access the best content offered anywhere online in   Canada," said Alon Marcovici, Executive Vice-President of Digital Media, CTV Inc.  "These numbers illustrate that we're connecting with our audience and delivering the quality CTV experience that Canadians crave."

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