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January 18, 2011

New publishing platform for user generated content

Vengeo's PiPe converts every doc to a web link

Move over PowerPoint, PDF, Dreamweaver - make way for Vengeo, the newest dynamic, interactive, multi-purpose publishing tool that's revolutionizing the exploding User Generated Content world. 

Vengeo's powerhouse do-it-yourself application, PiPe, lets users easily publish web-style content like a pro without any programming skills. Using an array of tools, including the PowerPoint/PDF converter and free-format page design (enabling floating media), anyone can rapidly create and deliver a custom 'package of pages', like brochures, resumes, newsletters and presentations to target various audiences and engage them in real-time dialogue within the publication.  

"My ambition has always been to empower content creation and delivery freedom for everybody," said Vic Cauchi, Vengeo's CEO. 

Vengeo is different from current publishing platforms because it converts every publication to a web link which can then be viewed from any computer or web location, immediately, without the wait time of downloads and attachments.  Every user gets a free Vengeo profile page, which doubles as your website, and stores all your publications, with specific access controls, date-restrictions or password-protection, and monitored for all page activity. 

Each publication's unique web-link can be easily updated from your computer, harmonizing multiple social media and web locations, and enhancing them in ways you never could before.  Size doesn't matter so no email attachments or server issues, and your content is secure but searchable by SEOs.   

Vengeo also includes e-Forms/Surveys/Tests, e-Blasting and Subscriptions, and allows you to monetize all your pages with shared advertising revenue, all free with low cost upgrade options.  

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