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January 18, 2011

Canada's first digital media workforce survey

Pixel to Product to assess industry's size

Justin Kozuch, Mesh Prize winner and lead researcher for the Pixel to Product research study has launched  Canada’s first online survey designed to understand the persona of the Canadian digital media workforce.

Since the launch of the commercial web in 1996, in-depth research of our industry has never been done on a nationwide scale. But what we do know about our industry, is that in 2008, approximately 50,000 Canadian digital media practitioners were the driving force behind an estimated $3.8 billion dollars of generated revenue.

Given the lack of available data in this area, both on a regional and national scale, the Pixel to Product research team decided to take it upon themselves to ask these important questions and provide some much needed insight into our industry.

By collecting this data, we will have a better understanding of the size and scope of the Canadian digital media labour force. For example, we’ll understand the salary ranges as it relates to the job titles found in our industry, which areas of the country have the highest concentration of visual designers, and the relationship between education levels and job satisfaction.

In the time it takes to drink a Tim Horton’s Double Double, you can add your voice to Canada’s digital legacy and help us answer the question “Who are we?”

Pixel to Product is aiming for 10,000 complete responses, and needs your help in continuing to spread the word about the survey to as many digital media practitioners in Canada as possible. Tweet about it, post it to your Facebook wall, blog about it or visit the announcement blog post and use the sharing tools and help us get the word out.

For every 1000 complete responses, Pixel to Product will randomly choose one survey respondent and send them a video message with a greeting, an update to their project as well as insights into their findings. To be chosen, simply fill out  the survey and stay tuned to our Twitter account, our Facebook Fan Page, and the  blog  for new videos.

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