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December 7, 2010

Mobile barcode trend report first of its kind

Reflects accelerated adoption of technology

Scanbuy, Inc. (www.scanbuy.com), the global leader in mobile barcode solutions, has released the inaugural ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report. The report is the first in a series from Scanbuy that will provide a comprehensive look at how actual users are engaged in mobile barcode scanning today, with data collected globally from June 1st, 2010 to September 15th, 2010.

The first of its kind report shows rapid growth in mobile barcode scanning in recent months and reflects an accelerated adoption of smartphone technology. Information such as overall barcode scanning trends, mobile operating systems scanning share, representative demographics of users, and states and countries with the highest barcode scanning utilization rates, were collected in the report. Some of the key stats highlighted in the report include:

  • Barcode scanning through the ScanLife Platform is up 700% from the start of 2010
  • Starting in July, there are more scans in a single month than all of 2009 combined
  • Users are scanning both 1D and 2D barcode formats equally showing that people are less concerned with code format, and more interested in getting information quickly
  • People are scanning a wide variety of product UPC codes, not only from the consumer electronics category
  • Users are diverse from all age groups which shows a broad range of interest

“Our system sees tens of thousands of scans every day so we really wanted to release a comprehensive look at the trends which are helping to drive user adoption and report on the state of the Industry,” said Mike Wehrs, interim CEO of Scanbuy. “It is important for all of the players in the industry to know that consumers are extremely engaged in this technology, and these are all good signs pointing to long term growth potential. We will continue to work with our partners and customers to innovate and maintain this growth and report responsibly to the industry we serve as a leader in the category.”

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