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December 21, 2010

WIND Mobile celebrates first anniversary

First Canadian wireless launch in over a decade

WIND Mobile made history one year ago as the first wireless company to launch in  Canada  in over a decade.

"We're proud to have paved the way for wireless choice for Canadian consumers," said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of WIND Mobile. "Since our launch, we've done things differently; starting with caring about the customer to making every effort to create the kind of mobile experience Canadians want and deserve, and most importantly, by being a champion for change."

WIND has led the way in eliminating 'made up fees' by not charging for services such as 911 access, incoming long distance, caller ID, and call waiting. WIND's launch also signaled the beginning of new consumer-friendly policies in wireless such as 'no contract' options, offering prepaid the same rates as postpaid and the first truly unlimited 24/7 plans.

"It's very rewarding to see that one year later consumers are clearly feeling the effects of new competition in the Canadian wireless marketplace," said   Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND Mobile. According to a recent national poll conducted by Decima/Harris on behalf of WIND Mobile, 89 per cent of Canadians agree that there are more choices available for mobile phone services than one year ago. In addition, the vast majority (72 per cent) of Canadians indicated that they have more freedom now that they can avoid term contracts, with over 40 per cent saying prices have come down in the last year. Not surprising, the survey results reveal that Canadians overwhelmingly feel the increase in wireless competition has been positive.

"WIND Mobile launched at a time when Canadians said enough was enough, and demanded change. We heard that collective voice and frustration of Canadians and responded.  That feedback has shaped our offerings today and will continue to shape the products and services we offer our customers," said Campbell. 

One year, six markets and millions of conversations later, WIND continues to grow and create a new kind of mobile experience for Canadians in response to feedback from customers. A few facts on WIND:

  • WIND customers made close to 2 billion calls and sent over 3.5 Million texts
  • The WIND network covers over 10 million Canadians
  • WIND's national and international roaming agreements allow customers to travel from coast to coast in   Canada  and to more than 200 countries internationally
  • WIND has employed state of the art technology to build an all-IP 3G plus network, making it the most advanced wireless network in   Canada
  • WIND has opened over 400 retail locations in the   Toronto,   Calgary,   Edmonton,   Ottawa,   Vancouver  and Hamilton
  • WIND has established one flat, low rate of 25 cents per minute, with no long distance or extra charges across   Canada  and US for roaming customers.

While competition has meant great things for Canadians, it also meant the end of a cozy oligopoly for the incumbents, who were forced to make some serious changes. Even prior to WIND Mobile's launch, the imminent entry of new competition caused the incumbents to reconsider unfair practices such as the notorious system access fee.

"A year ago in  Canada, people had only three companies to choose from when it came to wireless and were tired of high prices and limited freedom.  Canadians wanted change, they wanted choice, and they wanted fair practices in their mobile experience.  WIND Mobile will continue in our mission to give Canadians exactly that," said Mike O'Connor, Co-Founder.

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