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August 3 , 2010

Delivering timely texts to Toronto transit riders

Transcon launches TTC text updates for riders

Transcontinental is pleased to announce it is providing a text messaging service for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) customers to receive up-to-the-minute arrival times for streetcar routes. Using their cellphone or other wireless device, transit riders text the five-digit stop number specific to their stop to 898882 (TXTTTC) and seconds later, a text message is sent back to them with the arrival times of upcoming streetcars, determined by Global Positioning Systems.

This text messaging service to deliver next vehicle arrival predictions to a mobile device was developed by LIPSO, a leading mobile solutions provider owned by Transcontinental. In addition to the TTC, LIPSO has delivered a number of important business applications for large and well known transportation organizations in North America and Europe such as Aéroports de Montréal, Aéroport Nantes Atlantic ( France) and Air Canada, as well as text messaging programs for TransLink, Metro Vancouver's regional transportation authority.

"The TTC is the third largest public transit system in North America servicing some 4.5 million people in the Greater Toronto Area," said Christian Trudeau, President, Marketing Communications Sector, Transcontinental. "We're thrilled that the mobile solution we've developed allows the TTC to provide its customers the timely, accurate information they need to help them get where they want to be."

Transcontinental's LIPSO develops and markets mobile solutions that facilitate communications and transactions between organizations and mobile users and is Canada's leading company in this field. LIPSO is the only technology provider to play the triple role of system integrator, provider of mobile transaction connectivity/management (SMS, WAP push, MMS, etc.) and developer of innovative mobile applications with strong revenue-generating potential. LIPSO has extensive knowledge of the telecommunications landscape, mobile handsets and devices and direct connection to all Canadian carriers; it also manages and supports the large number of protocols used by the various wireless carriers in Canada and abroad.

Transcontinental mobile solutions developed by LIPSO are also used by CBC/Radio-Canada and Groupe Dynamite (Garage and Dynamite brands), among others.

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