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August 24 , 2010

Social media meets reality television

World's first online reality show launched

Here's $500, now go turn it into $1,000,000 before July 1st of 2011.

That's the amazing challenge given to 5 teams of entrepreneurs, business owners and students in a new online social reality show called The Race to a Million. This is a real money making contest that will benefit participants, charities and fans of the show alike. By following along with the show from anywhere in the world,fans can be entertained, educated on money making strategies and maybe make a million dollars themselves.

The Race to a Million is a contest which will show that anything can be done by harnessing the power of the human mind...but not just a single mind...a group of minds with a singular goal. In this case, the goal is to be the first team to reach the one million dollar mark using creative thinking and innovative strategies.

When deciding on rules of the contest, the organizers realized that they had a chance to really do something unique with the reality show genre. Most reality shows thrive on deceit and controversy, the participants in the Race to a Million are bound by rules to make sure that all strategies are socially responsible and environmentally conscious while also ensuring that investments will be sustainable and not have a negative effect on people or the planet.

This is a first ever concept that is specifically designed to encourage interaction between fans of the show and the contestants themselves. Fans of the show can follow along on the weekly blog and YouTube videos to learn about the specific strategies that the teams use and (if they choose to do so) can duplicate those strategies to make a million dollars for themselves. Fans can also interact with the teams by sharing money making ideas to win prizes, receive recognition and perhaps win one of two all expenses paid trips for two from anywhere in the world to beautiful British Columbia (the Olympic province) in Canada at the conclusion of the contest on July 1st 2011.

We are living in a knowledge based economy and the Race to a Million is a way to share that knowledge with anyone who is interested in gaining insights on how to accelerate profitability for themselves and their businesses. Imagine having access to free money making ideas from around the world that you can use yourself by simply following the contest. The organizers hope the show will help to kick start the economy by giving entrepreneurs and small business owners new tools, fresh ideas and the confidence to succeed.

Every team will receive a share of the money that they raise during the life of the contest and are representing a recognized charity which will also receive an equal share of the money.

Says organizer Peter Cameron-Inglis, "We are all capable of amazing things by ourselves, but the Race to a Million will show that we can all do and earn more in less time (and with less stress) by surrounding ourselves with a team of inspiring people that share a common goal. We've built a real win-win scenario for everybody."

Get details and follow along with the contest at www.racetoamillion.ca

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