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August 17 , 2010

TVO launches mobile learning opportunities

Creates video podcasts for BlackBerry

Ontario 's public educational television creates exclusive early-learning video podcast channels

In another step towards expanding the digital reach and impact of its award-winning educational children's content, TVO is proud to announce an exciting new distribution initiative with the launch of BlackBerry Podcasts, which allows BlackBerry smartphone users to easily discover, acquire and enjoy podcasts.

In an exclusive arrangement, four new TVOKids video podcast channels focusing on the hard-to-teach subjects of math and science will be made available on BlackBerry Podcasts:

  • Math for early learners aged 2-5
  • Science for early learners aged 2-5
  • Math for school-age kids 6-11
  • Science for school-age kids 6-11

Featuring popular TVOKids hosts and characters like Gisèle, Enviro Girl, Lotta Numbers and Jay the Blue Jay, TVO's four exclusive Math and Science video podcast channels will be presented within the Education category of BlackBerry Podcasts beginning Wednesday, August 11. Like all TVO-produced children's content, the TVOKids podcasts are designed with educators to support the Ontario school curriculum and empower parents to join in the fun while helping prepare their children for classroom learning.

"Increasingly, people are discovering that 'going mobile' with TVO is the perfect anytime/anywhere solution for keeping young minds active and engaged outside of the classroom," says Chief Executive Officer Lisa de Wilde. "And with our educational content now available for BlackBerry smartphones, we're creating unique 'pass-back' learning opportunities between parents and their children."

Adds Ms. de Wilde, "I'm incredibly proud that we're collaborating with an outstanding industry leader like RIM, an organization that shares our vision for making science and math fun and engaging for kids."

"BlackBerry Podcasts offers an enriched and streamlined multimedia experience and we are pleased to work with TVO to bring their compelling and exclusive educational content to customers with the launch of this exciting new service," said Alistair Mitchell, Vice President, Multimedia Integration.

A member of the BlackBerry Alliance program, TVO's future plans include developing select educational web games from tvokids.com for use on BlackBerry smartphones. For more information visit tvo.org and www.blackberry.com/podcasts
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