Vol 2, #42, October 19, 2010
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Canada trails behind emerging markets
in many online behaviours

Massive digital research project reveals we're less "friendly" than we thought

Covering 88 per cent of the world's online population through 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries, including all of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Digital Day by TNS reveals...bulletRead More

Countries like China boast significantly higher levels of digital engagement than Canada.
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Study explores how women share information
Websites now preferred over word of mouth
A new North American study has found women are using a combination of off-line and online forms of word-of-mouth to seek and to... bulletRead More

Gartner highlights key predictions for IT industry
Forecasts span 56 markets, industry areas
Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the key predictions that herald long-term changes in approach for IT organizations and the people...bulletRead More

Research hints online video could trump TV
Video promising channel for marketers
The first-ever study on Canadians’ viewing habits of online video conducted by Ipsos Reid and M Consulting finds 80 per cent of all Canadians indicate watching some video content online. Among those that have watched video online 41 per cent watch more online video content than they did last year. A growing audience means a bigger business opportunity for brand marketers and the Canadian...bulletRead More

Breaking down barriers to online accessibility
virtual wheelchair
More than 100,000 Toronto residents have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading a screen.  They can't access the Toronto.ca portal, or any other e-government services for that matter, without expensive assistive technology. "The disability community wants to elect a mayor who understands and responds to their unmet online needs," says Papathanasakis, Director...bulletRead More

Regina to host summit on national infrastructure
First event of its kind will take place January 2011
The City of Regina is pleased to announce the National Infrastructure Summit, taking place on January 26-28, 2011 here in Regina. The three-day event, targeted towards private sector companies, municipal, provincial and federal government administrators, political leaders, and those involved in delivering infrastructure, will feature five themes: Defining...bulletRead More

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