Vol 2, #25, June 22, 2010
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June 22, 2010


McAfee names most dangerous MMVA videos in cyberspace
Get online coverage of the NHL Entry Draft
Trust your intuition: adopt a 25 hour day
Brother Canada launches new online customer support tool
Blackbaud enhances online fundraising solutions
Canadians find playing with paper dolls a real life thrill
Salesforce Solutions offers more integration
Joost teams up with Demand Media
World Cup phishing scam discovered

McAfee names most dangerous MMVA videos in cyberspace

Canadian rock/metal band Three Days Grace is the most dangerous 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards nominee to search for in cyberspace, according to Internet security company McAfee, Inc. . McAfee researched today’s finest musical talents to reveal the riskiest 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards-Nominated Artists. The latest McAfee research found that searches for teen sensation, Justin Bieber pose less threats compared to others.

Fans searching for “Three Days Grace” or Three Days Grace-related downloads, wallpaper, screen savers, photos and videos have a higher chance of landing at a Web site that’s tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware. Searching for the latest music artist news and downloads can cause serious damage to one’s personal computer.

Cybercriminals are using popular music icons’ names and images, like Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry and Adam Lambert, to lure surfers searching for the latest stories, screen savers and ringtones to sites offering free downloads laden with malware.

Who’s Number Two? Beyoncé

Award-winning American R&B recording artist is the second most dangerous 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards nominee.

Who’s Safer? Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Miley Cirus

Sixteen-year-old Canadian s oul-singing phenomenon, Justin Bieber, who’s touted as the world’s biggest pop star, is one of the safer nominees to search, among the risky celebrities. Jay-Z, one of the world’s most successful hip-hop artists, and American pop singer and actress, Miley Cyrus also ranked in the bottom-third of this year's results.   

McAfee compiled the list using the McAfee ® SiteAdvisor ® technology, of 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards nominee names that produce the largest number of risky sites and overall risk percentage when searched for on the Web. The top ten nominees include:


2010 MuchMusic Video Awards Nominees


Three Days Grace – The popular Canadian rock band is an easy target for spammers and hackers.  When “Three Days Grace screensaver” was searched, almost half of the Web sites were identified as containing malicious downloads with spyware, adware and potential viruses.


Beyoncé – R&B singing sensation, Beyoncé, should be Googled with caution.  Inputting “Beyoncé downloads” into search engines yielded numerous dangerous Web sites linking to adware and spyware.


Katy Perry – Nominated for International Video of the Year artist, for her song “Waking Up In Vegas,” Katy Perry is a target for cybercriminals. Searching for “Katy Perry screensaver” linked to many harmful sites proven to contain spyware.


Alicia Keys – The award-winning R&B singer attracts many fans who want to download a screensaver of her. A search for “Alicia Keys screensaver” can direct users to red-rated sites that breached browser security.


Jason Derulo – American singer-songwriter, Jason Derulo, whose video for the song “Whatcha Say” is nominated for an Award,is susceptible to Internet lurkers too. Sites that were searched for “Jason Derulo downloads” contained nasty viruses.

6, 7

Avril Lavigne & Lil’ Wayne – Singer-songwriter from Napanee, Ontario, Avril Lavigne, and American rapper, Lil’ Wayne, tied in sixth place.


Adam Lambert – Pop singer and American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, now attracts many fans looking to download his songs, but can mislead unsuspecting surfers to sites with potentially damaging downloads.


Rihanna – Barbadian R&B recording artist, Rihanna, is a popular target for cybercriminals. A search for “Rihanna wallpaper” generated numerous downloads veiled with malware.


Trey Songz – American recording artist, nominated for his song “Successful” – a collaboration with one of hip hop’s most sought-after artists, Canadian rapper Drake, has a massive fan base. Searching for "Trey Songz downloads" resulted in several dangerous Web sites laden with hidden adware.  

“Cybercriminals watch stars too – they follow popular celebs to encourage the download of malicious software in disguise,” said Ross Allen, Canadian general manager at McAfee. “The fan’s obsession with music artist news, while theoretically harmless, can result in lots of computer damage at a mouse click.”

Be sure to buy comprehensive security software, such as: McAfee® Total Protection, McAfee® Internet Security and McAfee® Antivirus Plus and keep your subscriptions current. In each McAfee software suites, consumers can practice safe surfing with McAfee SiteAdvisor technology, which uses intuitive red, yellow and green rating icons to communicate a Web site’s safety level before the site is even accessed. Top of Page

Get online coverage of the NHL Entry Draft

TSN.ca is putting hockey fans in the middle of the action at next week’s NHL ENTRY DRAFT with the DraftCentre page at TSN.ca featuring a First Round draft tracker, up-to-date player rankings and bios, DRAFT webisodes and live streaming coverage of the entire First Round. With so much information available to fans at their fingertips, TSN.ca is once again the definitive online source for the NHL ENTRY DRAFT.  Fans on-the-go can also stay up-to-date on their mobile devices with TSN Mobile and the TSN app for iPhone.

Live Streaming Coverage

DraftCentre on TSN.ca features live streaming coverage of the entire First Round of the 2010 NHL ENTRY DRAFTbeginning at 7 p.m. ET on Friday, June 25.  The live streaming content is also available through TSN’s iPhone app.

Online Video Content

DraftCentre has exclusive onlinewebisodes with TSN’s Ryan Rishaug as he delivers reports on the latest news surrounding the DRAFT from Los Angeles. The reports will be available online next week leading up to the 2010 NHL ENTRY DRAFT.  In addition, fans can look back at all of TSN’s video reports from the NHL DRAFT COMBINE.

Bob McKenzie’s NHL Draft Ranking

DraftCentre features top prospect rankings including pre-season, mid-season and draft lottery rankings.  Bob McKenzie’s Draft Ranking is the TSN Hockey Insider’s comprehensive list of the top players available in the 2010 NHL ENTRY DRAFT.  The list is accompanied on TSN.ca by a column written by McKenzie himself as well as individual player pages featuring detailed biographies and break-downs of each prospect.  In addition to Bob McKenzie’s NHL Draft Ranking, TSN.ca features the latest lists from NHL Central Scouting and International Scouting Services.


While watching DraftCentre’s live streaming coverage of the DRAFT, fans can take part in an interactive live blog during the First Round. DraftCentre’s live blog includes insights from TSN’s Hockey Insiders Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger live via Twitter from Los Angeles. Fans can also take part in the blog, interacting with one another throughout the First Round.


TSN’s fan page invites viewers to weigh-in with their thoughts on the Tyler or Taylor debate.  Fans are also encouraged to show their support for Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall by downloading a picture of an Edmonton Oilers jersey labeled with either “ Seguin” or “Hall” to use as their profile photo. Top of Page

Trust your intuition: adopt a 25 hour day

“What Would You Do If You Had An Extra Hour Everyday?”  “Canadian Women Campaign for 25 Hour Day”, “Time for More Time”. The 25th Hour Coalition is making headlines across Canada.  Canadians are urged to join the movement ( www.25thhour.ca) and do what comes naturally: add an extra hour to their day.  The 25th Hour Coalition was started with the objective of raising awareness of women’s need for more time in the day.  Women who continually find that 24 hours are not enough are invited to join the movement and adopt a 25 hour day.

What is the 25th Hour Coalition?

Several scientific studies have shown that the human body intuitively runs on a 25 hour day.  These include a study published in the Harvard Gazette which showed the body’s clock is naturally set to 25 hours.  The 25th Hour Coalition -- which is backed by Schick Intuition Plus, a brand that understands women’s need for more time -- was created with the vision of adding an extra hour to the day.  Canadians are invited to join the 25th Hour Coalition, try moving to a 25 hour day and start living their lives on a 25 hour clock.

The 25 Hour Day

Moving to a 25 hour day is surprisingly easy, requiring a basic adjustment – the first eleven hours of the day are the standard 60 minutes, but an extra 30 minutes are added to the 12th hour.  To see the transformative power of the 25 hour day, watch this news video which shows how 25th Hour Coalition founder Jessie Behan became an award-winning author, competitive cake decorator and stunt pilot with her extra time.

Plus, to learn more about the 25 hour day, visit www.25thhour.ca and follow the 25th Hour Coalition on Twitter: http://twitter.com/25thHr

Rewarding the 25 Hour Day

Schick Intuition Plus is offering Canadian women the opportunity to share what they would do with their extra hour for a chance to bring that 25th hour to life, a prize valued of $5,000. Visit www.25thhour.ca to enter.

Schick Intuition Plus and the 25th Hour Coalition

“The Schick Intuition Plus brand understands that women, particularly moms, need more time in the day,” says Giselle Smejda, Brand Manager, Schick Intuition Plus. “Canadian women’s support of the 25th Hour Coalition proves that the need for more time is real. The Schick Intuition Plus brand is committed to making women’s lives better by shaving time off their day.” Top of Page

Brother Canada launches new online support tool

Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd., a leading vendor of high-quality printing devices for home, office and commercial environments, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest tactic in its "At Your Side" philosophy. A first in the printer industry in Canada, the company has unveiled a series of interactive online customer support videos designed to set a new industry standard for e-support.

The Brother.ca web site now features 34 instructional videos available in English and French that are customized to a range of Brother products. The main content of these videos focuses on wireless set-up for multi-function centres and printers. These set-up videos are categorized according to a series of user questions, with separate video links for each product.

Each video is hosted by "George", a friendly character who guides the interactive visit with the help of a narrator who asks a series of questions that clarify the visitor's status and needs. By clicking on various links within each video, visitors are guided on how to set up their Brother machine according to their specific environment. The videos also include various animations and illustrations in an effort to maximize the visual aspect of the learning experience.

The videos were developed based on research and monitoring conducted by Brother in Canada, including internal customer surveys, which show an increasing need for digital and interactive tools that provide customers with concise, customized support for machine set-up. The next group of videos is scheduled to be launched later in 2010.

"Brother Canada is an industry leader in customer support, and our new online FAQ videos represent our continued efforts to find new, innovative ways to make the set-up and support of our machines as easy as possible," says Luc E. Godard, Vice-President of Marketing and Customer Satisfaction at Brother Canada. Top of Page

Blackbaud enhances online fundraising support

Blackbaud, Inc. announced new releases of Blackbaud Sphere and Blackbaud NetCommunity™ — two of the key applications in Blackbaud’s suite of Internet solutions for nonprofits. The latest releases bring one-of-a-kind advancements to website management that have yet to be seen in the nonprofit market.

“The Internet is reshaping the way nonprofits are interacting with their audiences, and Blackbaud is putting considerable research and development into making sure our products can help lead their efforts,” said Steve MacLaughlin, director of Internet solutions. “Each of these new releases not only brings significant new technology to the nonprofit marketplace, but also demonstrates Blackbaud’s commitment to support the more than 4600 customers using our Internet solutions.”

The new versions of Blackbaud Sphere and Blackbaud NetCommunity represent Blackbaud’s ongoing investment in helping nonprofits reach, engage, and acquire supporters through online channels.

Blackbaud Sphere Enhancements

Blackbaud Sphere, featuring Friends Asking Friends, is a comprehensive online solution for email marketing, online event management, website management, and advocacy. Sphere easily integrates with other databases, third-party applications, and The Raiser’s Edge.

Blackbaud’s Friends Asking Friends is the first and only event fundraising solution that provides mobile versions of personal fundraising pages, donation forms, and on-screen confirmations. Nonprofit websites built with Friends Asking Friends are able to automatically detect mobile browsers and display information in a format that is easily managed on a wireless device.  

“Our online fundraising has continued to grow annually through executing strategies that promote more and continued use of Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends for our Memory Walk campaign,” said Lynn DeHoyos, Alzheimer’s Association’s director of constituent events. “We look forward to leveraging the additions to the platform such as these that trend with modern technology and appeal to our donors.”

With the new version of Blackbaud Sphere, nonprofits can more easily use reporting tools to analyze the success of their online efforts, including form and transaction conversions, through integration with Google Analytics, the leading web analytics service. Nonprofits can now also manage Google AdWords performance from directly within the application, enabling them to track conversion rates and return on investment for their Google advertisements. “AddThis” social bookmarking capabilities have also been included in the new Blackbaud Sphere release, which enable website visitors to share website content with social networks and social media sites, resulting in greater website traffic and conversions.    

Nonprofits can also benchmark their email marketing campaigns by accessing monthly reports, only available in Blackbaud Sphere. Each month, data from more than 2,100 Sphere customers is compiled across 22 standard email marketing metrics, which nonprofits can use as a reference tool to compare their performance to industry benchmarks.

Blackbaud NetCommunity Enhancements
Blackbaud NetCommunity is a comprehensive Internet marketing solution that integrates with The Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud Enterprise CRM for website management, online community-building, and email marketing. In addition to many feature enhancements, the new version of Blackbaud NetCommunity has been built on Blackbaud’s next-generation Infinity platform, making the solution even more scalable, secure, and flexible. The Infinity SDK provides developers with new options for customization, data access, and extensibility.

In addition, with this release, nonprofits will be able to more easily request for and accept online payments made toward outstanding pledges stored in their fundraising management solution—whether they use The Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud Enterprise CRM.

“We’re really excited about what this new release offers us in terms of managing online pledge payments,” said Stephanie Veatch, The Basilica of Saint Mary’s database and technology administrator. “Given the current economic times, people need to have more control over when they make their gifts, and the new enhancements in Blackbaud NetCommunity will enable us to deliver that flexibility while automating the payment application process and saving valuable staff time.”

More than 4,600 nonprofit organizations around the world use Blackbaud Internet solutions, including Blackbaud NetCommunity, Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow, Blackbaud Sphere, and Blackbaud Sphere Grow for content email, and event management; online fundraising, online community building, and advocacy. For more information about Blackbaud’s Internet solutions, visit www.blackbaud.com/internetsolutions.
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Canadians find playing with paper dolls a real life thrill

UPTREND media, Canada’s leading online advertising representation company has added Stardoll network sites Stardoll, Paperdoll Heaven and Piczo to their impressive roster of clients. 

Stardoll.com and PaperdollHeaven.com are virtual paper doll game sites for all ages and skill levels.  Piczo.com is a blogging site for teens to build personal communities and express themselves creatively.

The Stardoll Network , which operates all three sites, is a pioneer in community-building for young fashion and design enthusiasts.  Stardoll and Paperdoll Heaven users shop, dress-up characters, create fantasy homes and decorate suites.  While browsing chic threads and decor, users can create their own avatar, either a realistic personalized ‘MeDoll’ or one of the many celebrity dolls.  Each celebrity doll has a wardrobe stocked with unique clothes and new dolls are released every week. 

Piczo's customizable content, colourful graphics, glitter text, video, and photo tools encourage member creativity.  Members share their life stories with friends by designing linkable sites with multiple pages featuring photos, graphics, videos, music, comment boards, games, and more.  Registration at all sites is free; with most members between the ages of 7 and 17.

“Stardoll, Paperdoll Heaven and Piczo have unique, creative audiences.  Their specific tastes keep them on the site for long periods of time while they design and interact with their creations and the community,” says UPTREND media’s CEO, Jaimie Grossman. “Obviously, this is an ideal audience for many advertisers.  A young, fashionable, trend-savvy community of tweens, teens and beyond, with discretionary income, is a vital group to reach.  We wanted to ensure that these users would be as engaged with their online creations as they are with interesting and relevant advertisements.”

Tools available on the Stardoll Network allow over 12 million fashionable users to express themselves creatively and socialize with other users.  

“Stardoll and Paperdoll Heaven have hundreds of different virtual paperdolls, each appealing to different audiences. We are interested in accommodating advertising content that will appeal to all of our users - from animal lovers to the high street fashion enthusiasts, and UPTREND is the ideal company to deliver just that,” says Matt Palmer, EVP of General Manager, Stardoll Entertainment, Inc.  “The Stardoll Network family of sites are an inspiring, safe and creative environment, and we want to include content that would be both relevant as well as reflect our users’ needs.”

“Although the Stardoll Network has users around the world, we wanted to ensure that Canadian users were viewing relevant content.  For the hundreds of thousands of young Canadians using the site, there are distinct preferences that we can address,” says Jaimie Grossman, UPTREND media’s CEO. Top of Page

Salesforce Solutions offers more integration

eBRIDGE Software extends its current offerings with the new free Force.com integration application which allows Salesforce.com Enterprise owners to extract opportunities into the eBridge ePortal. Another application allows integration of their data to over 37 accounting packages including Sage, Microsoft, Intuit, SAP Business One and more. The new eBridge application allows Salesforce.com Enterprise owners to further streamline their data input and order processing between Salesforce.com and our ePortal solution. This free service allows the user to access extended universal integration into over 37 supported accounting packages. Additionally, the user can now gain additional access to integration with eCommerce storefronts including Magento, Miva Merchant, Nexternal as well 100’s of Electronic Data interchange (EDI) Trading Partners eliminating the need to manually re-enter information.

“Becoming a user of the eBridge ePortal has enormous benefits including; access to eCommerce, EDI and other integration solutions” said Dave Malda, Sales and Marketing Manager at eBridge Software. “The Force.com application allows users to begin to integrate their data into one central place for all crucial business system data”.

About eBridge

Founded in 1993, eBridge Software leads the small to medium sized (SME) market in accounting software integration. Our powerful combination of Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) ePortal – including over 250 predefined connectors for EDI, ecommerce, CRM, and warehouse management—and our eBRIDGE adapters with over 37 accounting packages, makes eBRIDGE Software the only ‘last mile’ integration-as-a-service company to offer such a wide range of integration solutions. Our complete and flexible integration solution streamlines your business processes, saving you time and money.

About eBridge ePortal

The ePortal Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has been proven a powerful business integration engine in the small to medium sized business (SMB) market, with its ease of use and short setup time required for vendors to implement. ePortal was designed with Web 2.0 architecture in mind and so, provides the ability to view inbound and outbound documents in a user-friendly format from any remote station that has access to the internet. Web-friendly interface forms are used to enter data for outbound documents, which are then sent to the trading partner in the required EDI format. Our ePortal software, as a service solution, uses flexible and soft-coded XML technology as well as support for numerous EDI formats (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, etc.), resulting in an independent and flexible Integration Solution that effectively integrates with your financial system while meeting your company’s unique internal business processes. Top of Page

Joost teams up with Demand Media

Joost (www.joost.com), the world’s largest content distribution and monetization platform, today announced a global sales and technology partnership with Demand Media.  Under the terms of the exclusive agreement, pre-roll inventory on Demand Media owned and operated websites, including eHow.com, Cracked.com  and Mania.com will become part of the Joost Video Network, powered by Adconion’s complete suite of online video advertising products and services.

“’How To’ content is experiencing exponential growth that can be seen in the dramatic increase in users consuming sites such as eHow.com, one of the seven popular Demand Media properties. This site alone attracts over 61MM people seeking answers in areas of personal interest from Arts and Entertainment, to Electronics, to Health and Travel” said Nick Higgins, Director of Global Video for Adconion Media Group. “Demand Media has an acute understanding of their audience needs just as Joost has an acute understanding of our audience behavior. This exciting partnership symbolizes the future of content creation and monetization that will benefit both users and advertisers”.

By joining forces, the Joost Video Network will be able to present Demand Media’s growing global audience to its premium brand partners around the world through audience and vertical channel sales packages. As a part of this agreement, Demand Media will leverage the Adconion video ad serving platform to deliver all premium video campaigns sold by the Demand Media sales force as well as deliver network advertising pre-roll inventory to the Joost Video Advertising Network. As part of this partnership, Adconion will exclusively provide the Adconion video technology platform to power all of Demand Media’s in-stream video advertising needs, including trafficking, optimization, and reporting. The Joost video platform delivers millions of in-stream video ads to millions of targeted end users. Joost offers the technology and the targeting needed to comprehensively monetize Demand Media’s in-stream video advertising opportunities.

“Joost was the obvious choice for two reasons. Firstly, its end-to-end distribution and ad serving platform and secondly their ability to monetize our video inventory by leveraging their impressive Global Sales Force. ” said Jeff Quandt, Director of Ad Management for Demand Media.  “The Joost premium advertisers, complemented with our extensive and growing audience seeking out video content on Demand Media properties, are a natural match.”

Collectively, Demand Media’s award-winning portfolio of owned and operated media brands make it possible for more than 80 million people each month to engage in conversations and form passionate communities around topics of shared interest.  A comScore top 20 ( U.S.) network, Demand Media has created a diverse and wide-reaching portfolio of sites, including golflink.com, eHow.com, LIVESTRONG.com, Mania.com, Cracked.com and Trails.com Top of Page

World Cup phishing scam discovered

As millions of people around the world tune into the World Cup, cyberscammers are placing their bets on World Cup phishing scams.

McAfee just discovered this new lottery-themed scam that makes the email recipient believe that they have won $1M USD as part of a weekly promotion.  

What's alarming is, the scam doesn't initially ask for the common elements that phishing scams typically ask for: credit card number, CVV, PIN number, etc. In an effort to make the ploy seem more credible they wait to ask for personal information but do request your phone number.

Experts have seen a significant uptick in this scam, and warn consumers to be careful when entering World Cup related lotteries.

Subject lines of the fake email include:  "winner - fifa world cup online draw," and "winner - fifa world cup online draw." 

Visit http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2010/06/15/scammers-going-phishing-for-world-cup-fans/  to view the blog and see screen shots. Top of Page